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US Chromebook 3G and Claro service in Panama

Follow instructions from google support to enable other carriers:
follow instructions on “Using mobile broadband abroad” to disable Verizon service and enable detection of other wireless carrier SIMs.

Read and follow instruction on how to configure the access point name, under Chromebooks purchased in Europe, and use the following command:
set_apn -u claro -p claro web.claro.com.pa

That shoud be enough to find that the chromebook connects to the carrier Internet.

Another resource for more information:

These are the plans available prepaid:

3G ::  http://goo.gl/THXu9

4G :: http://goo.gl/hLjmc

Edit 20141217:

Claro Panama GPRS/Internet Settings

Connection Name/Profile Name: Claro Internet

Access Point Name (apn): web.claro.com.pa

User name: claroweb

Password: claroweb

Thanks to http://celularesdepanama.com/apn-claro-panama/