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Jitsi-meet on Ubuntu 18.04

Easy to follow instructions for Ubuntu:


How to secure room (conference) creation [Private Domain]






Tool for VMWare to Hyper-V disk conversion


This tool is used for converting, creating and consistency checking of various virtual disk formats. It is compatible with Hyper-V, KVM, VMware, VirtualBox and Xen virtualization solution

OpenVPN on www.digitalocean.com CentOS VPS

Installation is easy using the procedure stated on their knowledge base:


Some things to be aware off:

After you follow the setup, you would be able to access only the VPS.

To route all traffic from the vpn clients through the tunnel to the internet, you have to make changes to the OpenVPN server configuration:

Change the default route of the vpn clients, uncomment the following line in the server configuration:
push "redirect-gateway def1"

Push DNS to the clients, in this example Google’s Open DNS is used:
push "dhcp-option DNS"
push "dhcp-option DNS"

Changes have to be done to the iptables rule to route traffic from the tunnel to the Internet:
iptables -A FORWARD -m state --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT
iptables -A FORWARD -s -j ACCEPT
iptables -A FORWARD -j REJECT
iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s eth0 -j MASQUERADE
iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -j SNAT --to-source xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the public ip address of the VPS.

Change the client configuration file to point to the files, instead of copying the content of the certificates to the the client configuration (ovpn files).


OCS New Generation on CentOS 6

CentoOS 6 minimal Installation:


OCS New Generation Resources for installation:



Important information on Administrative Data:



S.M.A.R.T en Linux con smartmontools

Muy buena descripcion para el manejo de informacion de SMART para discos duros con linux desde la linea de comandos en:


Descargas de versiones antiguas de Red Hat

Estaba buscando una version 9 de Red Hat para un laboratario y encontré que las versiones de 9 para abajo están ubicadas en:


OCS and GLPI on CentOS How to


Sistema de manejo de tiquetes e inventario integrado.