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WSUS cannot download updates


Check the command given as a comment about moving the content folder:

“WSUSUTIL MOVECONTENT d:\WsusContent d:\WsusContent\movelog2.log –skipcopy”


How to run WSUS clean up from the command line

In this website you can get a Powershell Script that would do a WSUS server cleanup from the command line.


Synchronization Tab crashes the WSUS console

You have to clear the synchronization history from the Windows Internet Database (WID) if you selected it during your WSUS setup.

You can connect to the Internal Database with the SQL Express Management Studio using the following instance for Windows Server 2012 (R2): \\.\pipe\MICROSOFT##WID\tsql\query

Follow the instructions on: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/sus/2009/03/04/clearing-the-synchronization-history-in-the-wsus-console/

If you only want to delete certain records, you can do it with the query:

DELETE FROM tbEventInstance WHERE EventNamespaceID = ‘2’ AND EVENTID IN (‘381’, ‘382’, ‘384’, ‘386’, ‘387’, ‘389’) AND TimeAtServer < ’20yy-mm-dd’

this query will delete from that date back in time.


Publish your own updates with Microsoft WSUS

Publish your own updates with Microsoft WSUS :: http://www.localupdatepublisher.com/

How to read the Windowsupdate.log file

Interesting information that would help you debug WSUS client server interaction.



Error 0x80244010 en cliente de WSUS

Este error tiene que ver con la cantidad de veces que el cliente contacta al servidor de WSUS, esto tiene implicaciones en particular para nuevas instalaciones de sistemas operativos por ejemplo que necesitan muchos parches de inmediato y que existen limites pre-establecidos en la cantidad de informacion que el servidor WSUS envía en principio a una maquina.  Consulte el siguiente enlace para mas informacion sobre el tema:

Blog del equipo de soporte de MS para WSUS